Faith Rock Church

We had a very beautiful Sunday for December 1st. The sun was out bright most of the day. We had a great service and enjoyed the presence of the Lord through the service. Bro. Dewitt preached from Joel 1:4-10, 2:16, 22 and Joel 3:12-15. We had a good song service and one special song, all leading up to a good sermon. Sis. Carol Carson was our adult teacher’s class and will be teaching the next three months series. Bro. Victor Murdy did a very good job the last series. This whole month will be leading up to the birth of Christ.

We will be having our annual Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner Sunday, December 15 after morning worship service. All family and friends are invited to come and enjoy the service and I know a great meal our ladies prepeare will be waiting.

Jerry and I went to Sis. Lola Graham’s funeral service at the Assembly of God Church. It was full of her many friends and family. The family did the music and singing which was special. Sis. Lola was best known for her hospitality and good cooking, especially her hot rolls which when she came to Faith Rock we always looked forward to them at all our dinner.

Sorry to hear that Cap Porter passed away this week. I heard also that Paul Crouch of TBN has passed away. He started the Christian Channel of TBN and had been a minister of the gospel many years. He was from Missouri, I think I heard that information. Also Floyd Graham, who I remembered passed away. A sad time for many this Christmas season.

I enjoyed our last Fourth Sunday Singing at Faith Rock. We had a good group that came out and lots of good old time singing. We invited everyone back in January for the singing, weather permitting. I heard today that we are going to have bad weather before this week is over. Our quilters are planning to wrap lap quilts this week for the nursing home so I’m glad the bad weather doesn’t start until Thursday.

I visited by phone with Bro. Ross and Earnestine Martin. Bro. Ross is not doing very well yet and Earnestine was enjoying a visit with her sisters who had come up to see them. I also want to say a Happy Birthday to our church superintendent, Bro. Darrel Hesterlee, who we appreciate so much.

If Sis. Leisa Rushton can get her group together for practice, we plan to have a Christmas program December 22. I hope we don’t get too busy to enjoy what Christmas is all about and try to relax as much as we can. God bless and keep you this week.