Eastern Gate and Around the Mountain

I sure hope your Thanksgiving was spent with family giving thanks for all the blessings God has given to you through this year. I spent Thursday with my brothers Howard, and wife, Phyllis; and Stan and Dottie. It was a little strange no little kids at an Adams family get-together, but it does seem to happen.

We had our kids and grandkids all home Saturday, for our Thanksgiving supper together. We ate and talked and of course played with the kids. Dustin’s kids had spent the night and helped me cook the meal. We had lots of food and now Roger will have to eat leftovers for the rest of the week.

We had a good service at church Sunday, and glad to have Grandma Jane in church with us. Jackie Nelson had went up and got her early Sunday morning. After church we fixed pizza for the people in the program. We got our play costumes all decorated and ready to go and had one quick rehearsal. I found out we had one person back out on us at the last minute, but we have already found a replacement, and glad to have her. Now you may have to come to the program to find out who it is.

My December calendar isalready filling up with all the dates and times for events I need to be at and things I need to do, but as I have stated before, we have to keep Jesus first on our list.

As Donald stated in his sermon, if we don’t have Christ in our Christmas there is no Christmas. Now start making your list just as the kids do and make sure and put  Christ at the top, and everything else should fall in place on down the list.

Have a great week, enjoy the small things, and don’t stress about the things that don’t matter.