Dogwood Ramblings

The world recently lost a great man, Nelson Mandela.  I compare him to Mahatma Ghandi for what was contributed to society; his list of Seven Dangers to Human Virtue are: 1 – Wealth Without Work, 2 – Pleasure Without Conscience, 3 – Knowledge Without Character, 4 – Business Without Ethics, 5 – Science Without Humanity, 6 – Religion Without Sacrifice, and 7 – Politics Without Principle.  In many ways, this coincides with The 7 Deadly Sins.  Let us pray the leadership of this nation takes heed of these – as well as each of us individually.

Eva Wymer made it here for a visit on Thursday.  She only had time for a bit of berry-cherry tea and cookies as she needed to get to Ava Place to cut her sister’s hair and then the over 2 hour drive back up to Mack’s Creek.  We made the most of our short visit, as usual.  I gave her a picture of my four sons and me taken at my 80th birthday party in October.

The thawing has been appreciated and then it turned cold again on Friday.  After office work there was a quick stop at the grocery store, another for filling the fuel tank and then home.  The mail didn’t arrive until almost 4:30 – one of the “perks” of being on the Seymour route.  Bob & Dana Wagner check on me every day as well as my sons and grandson.  If I take the phone off the hook for a quick nap and then forget to put it back on the hook everyone gets concerned.  May God bless them.

I pray all had a wonderful, blessed Christmas and that 2014 is a wonderful, healthy, happy and prosperous year for you.