Dogwood Ramblings

Well, I managed to get out my driveway and into Ava last Thursday for a clinic appointment and to the office to work on church bulletins and correspondence.  The ruts made by the MFA Oil truck cut good grooves on the ice and snow for me.  After a couple of shopping stops I hope I have all I need here to prepare Christmas Day dinner.  We are doing Chinese this year.

Do you pay attention to the advertisements on TV?  Several proudly show their wares to cause your eyes to bug out, your heart to pitter-patter in want, and then tell you that much of what they are selling is marked down.  One business even said things were on sale for a 73% discount.  Well now, to the gullible that is great but you can be sure the business is not selling at a loss.  That means to me that their normal profit is far more than the discount amount.

Have you ever sold anything at 50 or 73% discount?  I doubt it.  Even so when I was dairying by the time we were paid for the milk our herd produced we received “profit” of 50% or less than the product sold.  By the time the cost of advertising milk, testing, ice cream, cream, marketing, packaging, etc. was deducted plus the cost of milk hauling (driver, fuel, etc.) we were lucky to survive mostly by cutting back on everything else in our lives.  Adding insult to injury, the dairy farmers are the ones who devote their lives to many hours of labor 7 days a week.  I did it for a total of 27 years between here and in North Dakota.  Feed costs and farm supplies were always on the rise, veterinarians were only called for emergencies with cattle as the farmer learns how to do most everything.  Still, there are times I miss the long hours in the milk parlor (except in blistering heat, fighting flies and stifling cold).  We did most everything by rote and a person could mentally travel the world while milking the cows, and there was a lot of babysitting in the barn too – and it makes for multiples of hours for prayer.

Bob Wagner has been keeping a close eye on me and my place.  The Schultz family has kindly offered to shovel snow if necessary.  Rex Boeddeker made a trip to NYC/Jersey City.  Due to weather he had to re-route on the way there but made it safely in two days, then left there Friday and made it to Ohio where he visited with an uncle and arrived home Sunday night – coming to visit me at 9 p.m. (past my bed time!).  Ron Boeddeker was to graduate Saturday from Drury University with a Bachelor of Science Degree. He and family made it up there to discover the graduation was postponed because of the weather.  Anyhow, good going Ron!  It took a few years to get to this point, by going to school in Alaska and here and he is no longer a spring chicken.

Jamey Herd called to say she had been in the hospital again but still no diagnosis as to what is going on with her heart.  She and Billy Joe have been more or less isolated with the snow and ice and apparently the churches here have not had services.  She related that Ernie Stahl is home now having had pneumonia and of course the cancer from Agent Orange in Viet Nam (my brother passed away from that).  Ernie is on dialysis three times a week so let us pray the weather doesn’t interfere with his necessary trips.

Jamey and I wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and we pray for all to have a wonderful 2014.