Dogwood Ramblings

Christmas is approaching quickly as usual.  Hopefully people are being careful with spending.  The advertising lures us to spend more than is reasonable and often our children believe there is no end to their needs and wants.  Credit cards are so easy to use and can put us in a bad financial situation.

As to the weather – WOW!  Ten inches of snow on top of nearly an inch of ice!  Not the first time this has happened here but I don’t take chances.  Willie used to say that I was worse than a cow on ice and he was correct.  Bob and Dana came over and rescued my old Eskie from the snow-deep back yard and brought her in to the garage for me as her hearing and sight are nearly gone.  Of course, we are praying we don’t lose electric power.

I have many relatives up north and they have been dealing with below zero temps, ice and snow.  Although I loved living in North Dakota eons ago, it is a bit better here for sure.

1933 is my birth year and someone gave me a “Remember When” book for that year.  On average back then a new house cost $5,759.00, average income was $2,555.00 per year, a new car cost $550.00, a movie ticket was 25 cents, gasoline was ten cents per gallon and a first-class postage stamp was all of 3 cents.  The board game Monopoly was invented, Adolf Hitler proclaimed the Third Reich and Mahatma Gandhi began a hunger strike to protest British oppression in India.  Alcatraz Island was made a federal maximum security prison while Prohibition was repealed by the 21st Amendment.  The world has certainly changed a great deal in 80 years!

One family member left Sunday for New York City in his car.  In spite of bad weather nationwide and the nasty, hazardous roads, he arrived at his destination Monday night.  A great many prayers on my part!

Troyce stopped by to let me know a heifer was having difficulty calving and I managed to get help for her – and all ended up well.  We have good neighbors in our Dogwood Community.  Y’all be careful out there, keep warm, watch out for your neighbors.