Dogwood Ramblings

An awakening this week!  All my life I have heard many adages, not all of which were totally clear as to their true meaning.  As I was in the kitchen chopping celery and onions one of my mother’s sayings came to me out of nowhere.  “Don’t look a gift-horse in the mouth”, which I always understood meant one was to be truly thankful for what they are given.  Then, after all these years it made sense.  How do you tell the age and condition of a horse?  Why, you look in its mouth for signs of age, abuse, health.  Don’t try that with gifts!!!

Randy and Kim, Rory and Debbie, Randy’s son Randy with his family of four and neighbors, Bob and Dana Wagner partook in our Thanksgiving feast.  We had a good time eating and visiting.  The three great grandbabies enjoyed playing in a pile of raked leaves.  Ron’s Thanksgiving was at his home as Arlene had the Homeister family there.  However, Ron did stop in for awhile so he could visit, and to display the deer racks he acquired recently.  When Ron and daughter, Reanna were in Alaska they dined on quite a bit of fresh caught fish and caribou, mostly living off the land.

Friday I chanced on Eva White in Town & Country and we had a nice quick visit.  She introduced me to her lady friend who made some exclamations such as, “So you’re the Carol I read in the Herald, do keep up the good work”.

Most of the Christmas decorations are up inside and out and hopefully that will encourage the Christmas spirit in all who see them.  Next Saturday is the cookie exchange party and Tina will have her house beautifully decorated for Christmas as usual and she provides the nicest snack food buffet.  The energy it takes to do all of this is great and those days are behind me.

Randy did quite a bit of fence work the past few days plus some mechanic work and managed a little bit of time to see his mom.  I have a small, but aged American Eskimo dog, the last of many, who will find winter beyond her ability to cope as her hind legs are failing, her eyesight and hearing nearly gone.  Hopefully Ron will be able to lovingly ease her way to doggie heaven.  I had a white Spitz dog for 15 years while growing up.  Then, in 1991 Randy “introduced” me to the American Eskimo dog and I’ve had a few for these past 22 years, even selling some pups to Japan and to Spain.  This breed is a bit hyper, but they are devoted pets.

We sometimes do things to ourselves and have no idea what.  Sunday evening, out of the blue so to speak, my back started complaining, from hip to hip.  Tylenol helped a bit, but Monday morning there was need for more Tylenol.  Monday is trash day and I knew that moving that around was more than I needed to do so I called Bob Wagner.  Bob came over and got the trash out for me and filled the dogs free feeder.  Then, he came later and put salt pellets into the water softener.  I’m not supposed to lift over 20 pounds.  Bob is a blessing for sure.

Again, no news coming in so time to close this.  Take care, don’t spend too much on Christmas and watch out for your neighbors.