The shortest day of the year is overflowing with good news in Champion.  The aquifer is being replenished with the stuff that makes cold springs gush and spirits are being replenished with the Love and Gratitude that is so freely shared this time of the year.  No amount of gloom seems to dampen the Champion.

The young Tigers of Skyline performed admirably at their Christmas program.  There were some real stand outs, bright spots, sure to be stars in the bunch.  Their parents and grandparents can tell you who they are.  The Youth Empowerment Program kids made some quite clever snowmen which they sold to help them finish the greenhouse they are building.  They have a grant to get them started with the project and they are working hard to raise the rest of what will be needed.  This greenhouse promises to be a great learning tool.  After the program some great community spirits officiated over the pie auction.  More than one observed that this particular auctioneering grandmother might take it up as a profession.  She is that good and the funds she helped raise will help the greenhouse grow.   More good news came concerning the Skyline-R2 School Foundation.  Teri Ryan has written to the board, “It’s been wonderful when reading with preschoolers to hear them talk about getting the DPIL books at home. Several parents have mentioned how much they enjoy getting the books to read with their children. They seem surprised that they are such good books. The program should give our students a good foundation in literacy.”  The excited board member passing the news along shouts, “I THINK WE’RE DOING SOME GOOD!!!!”  The DPIL is the Dolly Parton Imagination Library which sends a free book every month to a child from newborn to five years of age.  Pick up applications for the program at Henson’s Grocery and Gas in Champion or at the school.  Support the Foundation anytime with a donation in any amount to The Skyline R2 School Foundation, Rt. 72, Box 486 Norwood, Mo 65717.  How often do you hear anyone shout, “I THINK WE’RE DOING SOME GOOD!!!”?

Management at Henson’s Downtown G & G are pleased to announce a new product line.

The General and his lovely Missus were front row center for the Skyline Christmas Program.  Attending too was Danny Hull, somehow acquainted with the General.  He grew up over north of Mountain Grove and had high school chums in the audience and grandchildren performing.  He was sporting a letter dated 1938.   It was a receipt written to Mr. Chester Wright indicating that his 540 pound calf had sold at auction in St. Louis for 3.5 cents a pound, netting him $16.45 after the deduction of the $.80 commission paid to Fred C. Carter.  Mr. Carter wrote, “Cow steady.  Thanks a lot.”  The price of beef has gone up.  Quite a number of folks at the school program would ordinaryily have been enjoying the Vanzant bluegrass jam.  Mandolinist/chanteuse, Sue Murphy, said that the jam still had a good crowd and that everyone had an enjoyable time.  They will be there again on the day after Christmas.  Pot luck at 6:00 p.m. and then the music begins.  The Vanzant Community building is on W Highway off of 95 right there by Esther’s house way over in the far suburbs of East Champion.

“The Way I Heard It” is the name of a CD put out by the State of The Ozarks String Band some while back.  It has 25 tunes everything from Midnight on the Water to Redwing.  It was a gift that will keep on giving.  When Linda was a young girl living in Australia she and other 12 year olds would sneak out at night and meet up on the school ground where they would sing, “Put another nickel in, in the nickelodeon, all I want is loving you and music, music, music!”  This time of the year is full reminiscence.  Christmas Day, in addition to the deep religious significance for many, is held in esteem as the best day of the year,  It is the day that people choose to remember in detail.  The music, the food, the hugs and kisses, the stories shared and all the Christmas ties that bind go a long way toward making the rest of the year palatable sometimes.  Sunday is the birthday of Pat Metroplos.  Her friends and family will acknowledge that starting on her birthday every year the days get a little longer and the nights a little shorter.  What a gift!

Enumerate your gifts by mail at Champion Items, Rt. 72, Box 367, Norwood, MO 65717 or by email at Look in at and like The Champion News on facebook.  Come down to the Re-creation of the Historic Emporium.   Climb the grand staircase where many a family photo has been snapped, up to the broad veranda overlooking the scenic square and the wide wooly banks of Old Fox Creek.  Recite your many blessings there or hum some nostalgic ditty softly to yourself.  You could just take a moment away from the holiday jingle jangle to be quiet and still in one of the world’s peaceful places—Champion!  Merry Christmas from the Bright Side!