Breedon Church

Opening Sunday school Joe Lafferty read the Psalm 47.

Lee Hampton led the opening prayer. Our lesson was the first chapter of first Timothy.

We had our questions and answers, and seven more for next Sunday.

We always learn so much with questions and answers, because it keeps our minds refreshed and some time we forget things and it helps to review.

Our attendance was down, lots of coldss and the weather being so cold.

We sang a few congregation songs, everyone was choked up with sinuses and it was hard to sing. I have asthma with sinus and it really gets aggravating to sing.

The eleven o’clock service Joe Lafferty read the 15th chapter of Corinthians. It’s the chapter where Christ arose. It’s a very good chapter. Joe led in prayer.

We didn’t have an invitational song so Danny Lee dismissed us in prayer.

So until next time, God bless.