Bethany Baptist Church

Snow packed side streets and country roads had a negative impact upon attendance Sunday morning. Bethany Baptist Church just had one service Sunday morning and dismissed the Sunday evening service. Jim Corder had brought his tractor and blade to clear off the parking lot so that getting into the church yard was not a problem. The real problem was getting in and out of the driveways back home.

The Young Women N Christ did schedule to meet because most if not all these young women can get to the church without any trouble. After being homebound for the most of five days, they were probably glad to get out for some fun and serious Bible study.

There will be a regular service next Sunday, December 15. Our invited  guests, Joe and Ione Gammon, can not be with us due to illness. So there will be not dinner on the grounds at noon and there will be a regular evening service at 6:00 p.m., weather permitting.

The annual “Name that tune!” fun event is planned for Wednesday evening December 18. It is one of those contests where everyone is a winner. Pastor Bob Sorensen has a lot of prizes that he has collected for that event.

Darlene Sorensen and Norma Stillings sang a special song Sunday morning and accompanied themselves with the mandolin and Autoharp. Pastor Bob Sorensen brought a message on “How to whip the devil and keep going for God!”

The first step is to get plugged in to God’s power. We are no match against Satan, but we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. Satan is the same clever and crafty tempter that   used his wiles against Eve. Satan used all his wiles to keep Jesus from fulfilling God’s plan, but Jesus whipped him in three rounds. Jesus answered each temptation with scripture. Eve listened and think what evil came of that. We must resist the devil and we do this by scripture memorization and by staying as close as we can to Jesus. We need to keep busy for God and trust in His strength not our own. This is best accomplished by regular sessions on our knees. We need to realize that we may lose some of our battles, but we need not lose the war. When we get knocked down, get back up. The secret is to keep going. God can bring good out of all our personal trials. Just don’t give up. Keep going for the Lord!