Bethany Baptist

Pastor Bob and Darlene Sorensen and Sally left after church Wednesday evening to St. Louis to spend Thanksgiving visiting Darlene’s parents, Don and Doris Taschner, there.

Bobbye Priddy prepared turkey and other Thanksgiving goodies for herself and her mother, Neva Barner. There were some of the Bethany folks that did likewise not having big events, but having something good anyway.

Norma Stillings made pizza for several members of her family after visiting the Heart of the Ozarks Healthcare Center, Saturday morning. Debra and Cliff Bohnstedt of Springfield, Tom Stillings and Joyce Greenwood of Ozark, and Stanley Stillings of Squires joined Norma, Dan Stillings and Alan Stillings for that occasion.

The Jubilee Singers and the Youth Choir are working on special Christmas songs to be presented at different services in December. They are not doing a cantata this year because the Nelson Family of Arkansas will present a special program of music on December 22.

The December Calendar is full of events at the church including dinner on the grounds December 15, a Soup and Pie Fellowship at noon on December 22, and a fifth Sunday evening fellowship on December 29. The Ladies Bible Study and Pizza and Movie night were cancelled for December due to conflicts with other events. Things should be back to the normal schedule in January, weather permitting.  

Pastor Bob Sorensen brought a message on “Burning Bridges” from Hebrews 11:15. Burning bridges means to leave all we have to follow God and to leave no avenue for return. Abraham and Sarah left home, relatives friends, and what ever position he might have held. He left all his potential in the old country at God’s command not knowing where they were going, but that God would lead them to a better place. But they might have returned if they had spent time thinking about the old country. It is necessary to avoid things that remind us of the “old country.” It is not wise to go to the same old places, listen to the same old music, or watch the same old movies that remind you of the “old country.” When you burn bridges it allows you to stay where God puts you. Being where God puts you is always better than to be out of his will.