I talked with Bonnie Phipps Sunday and she was doing just fine.

Mark brought me some eggs last Monday and Dustin was with him. Mark took me into town to get a few groceries and I delivered eggs to Donna and took my news in.

George and Violet came and picked up their eggs.

Don Bryan came last Tuesday evening and picked Martin Hathcock and Hellen Blakey up and took them to his house for the Christmas party that Evelyn and Don had this year. I got to meet their pastor, Dwayne Claxton and family and Dwayne has worked with Ellis at the Steel Plant in Seymour. We all had a wonderful time.

I got out Wednesday with my car and I went to town and paid my taxes and I took gifts to KKOZ, Douglas County Herald, Martin Hathcock and Mae Cox, who I left at the eye doctor’s office, John and Jo Stephens, Shirley Riley and Steve Duckworth.

I went over to see Marie Dickey and some of the others Thursday and passed out little gifts.

Friday it sleeted and rained and when I went out to pick my mail up I took my rain gauge down to see how much water was in it and my cap started to blow off my head and what did I do but use the hand that I had the rain guage in to catch it and I spilled all but .1 of an inch of it. That evening Ellis came by and before he left Kendra, Brittany and a friend came by.

Saturday morning I had one and a half inch of more snow on the ground and I melted what was in the rain gauge and had .6 of an inch of water. I didn’t go to church Sunday, but I heard that we didn’t have church at Mt. Tabor.

Darlene Lester came and picked up her eggs and that night Joel and Monica Reemes came up and Monica helped me with some papers and then she got her fruit and cakes and she took my sister, Margaret Allen’s fruit with her to give it to her Monday when she goes to work.

Lets keep all our sick folks in our prayers and that some of them can get out to see their doctor this week before it  gets bad again.

My prayers and sympathy go out to all who have lost a loved one.

Lets keep praying for our leaders and the men and women in the service and their families and the ones in training.