All Around Bradleyville

Are we going to have a white Christmas or not? I vote for not, but I am sure that won’t matter much. First the weatherman said we will have another big storm by Christmas and then he says we won’t. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see. I haven’t done any Christmas shopping yet and I am dreading it like the plague. I really don’t like the crowds and have never shopped on Black Friday either. I am not a good shopper anyway and that is why I always wait so late. Of course if I would get it done earlier I wouldn’t have to put up with the crowds but it seems that is a lesson I never learn.

My grand kids were very happy to have some snow days so they didn’t have to go to school, but granddaughter Danielle had to drive in some bad weather to get to her college classes at Hollister. She is happy to finally be done with classes for this semester.

It is the season for Christmas programs and quite a few were held in the area. Some of those I heard about was Hercules who had their Christmas program Sunday morning. I saw a few pictures of children all dressed up for Christmas that were very cute.

New Mansion Church had a Christmas program Sunday afternoon. It was scheduled for the Sunday before last but the snowfall changed plans. It was well attended in spite of some snow left in the parking lot. The children and teens did a good job with their skits and songs they sang. There were several cute moments with all those children. It reminded me of a song I’ve heard on the radio that Squire Parsons sings called “Christmas in a Little Country Church”.

Bradleyville General Baptist also had their Christmas program Sunday night. We didn’t get to attend but heard it was very good also. They always have a good program.

Mike Blair spent a couple of days in the hospital recently and it was determined that he could have had a mini-stroke. He is home and feeling fine now for which we are very thankful.

Thursday, December 19, both the girls and boys will play a basketball game at Sparta, starting at 5 PM. School will be out for Christmas break on Friday, December 20.

If you would like me to put anything in the paper, please let me know. My phone number is 796-2651 and you can also e-mail me if you want. My address is E-mail would be better if you use it. Sometimes I can’t understand a phone call as well as the written word that I can refer to again. A funny cartoon I saw describes me. It said, “My brain is like the Bermuda Triangle, information goes in, never to be found again.

Birthdays for the coming week include: December 18: Donna Newman, Katie Reece, Kenyon Whittaker; December 19: Alva Johnson, Lorri Johnson, Kenneth Sims, Maxine Mason; December 20: Jessi Laughlin, Melissa McCleary, Jarell Yeary; December 23: Sandy Wilson; December 24: Dakota Isaacs, Mike Karges, Pauline Lee, Kimberly Pollard; December 25: Rita Box, Larry Chance, Clara Combs, Jessica Koenig, Jewel Maggard, Clarence Rogers.

Anniversaries for the coming week include: December 19: Bob and Sue Birdsong, Kenton and Linda Wiggins; December 23: Mike and Vicky Blair; December 24: Bob and Karen Case.