Tecumseh Lilly Ridge

Sunshine and clear skies this Monday morning. Leaves were blown everywhere yesterday when strong winds blew hard around noon, and we are covered with leaves around here. A large shade tree in Ida Mae Huse’s yard was broken in two by the wind.

This Wednesday evening, November 20th the Ministerial Alliance Churches meet at Lilly Ridge Church for their annual Thanksgiving service at 7:00 p.m.

There were several shots heard here Monday morning as deer season is in full force since Saturday morning. These animals lives are in danger through the week and always on the highway.

A belated birthday wish to Mrs. Ed Davis (Karen N.) on November 9th and little McKenna Aronis in Springfield (daughter of Houston and Emily Aronis, my nephew and nieces) on November 14th. Grandson, Keith Davis celebrates his birthday this Friday, November 22nd.

Larry and Christy (Mitchell) Davis has their 20th Anniversary on November 27th.

The crops of turnips seem to have turned out very well and furnishing food for the table although not liked by many folks. However many like them!

Dave and Karen Davis were in West Plains Monday. They shared a breakfast feast at their home for deer hunters Saturday and Sunday mornings and evening meals also for family members and their friends. Some were successful hunters.

Randi Schmucker had surgery on her hand for carpal tunnel last week. Mahlon and Randi are welcomed back in the Lilly Ridge community and in church.

Gainesville Chapter 432 O.E.S. meets for their regular meeting Monday evening, November 25th. Best wishes to Terri McConnaughy who has some serious health problems and is O.E.S. Chapter Secretary.

It was good to have visitors at Lilly Ridge Church, Mike Evans and wife, other visitors.

Along with Dale Morrisons story of molasses making I can relate to that procedure as my in-laws, Lowe and Nina Pitcock made some of the best sorghum in the country with some neighbors helping and having the best cane seed planted we made many gallons thrugh the years. My husband, Eldon and me would work from early morning until late in the evenings. Having radio then and no television we listened to KWTO regularly. Living in Springfield for 5 years Eldon worked at Sears Automotive store at first, (later Frisco), making friends with Slim Wilson, while at Sears, thus the sorghum molasses became Slim’s favorite sweetening and the Goodwill family sang the tribute song on many of their KWTO programs each day. Slim was also appreciative of the gift of a gallon of our best molasses each year.

As trees have lost most of their leaves the woods look mostly bare. Birds are busy at feeders I have put out for them. I’m not sure which birds are coming around, but once in awhile a redbird will show up.

Sympathy to those who recently lost loved ones and my best wishes for better health for several people, among those are Loretta Crewse, Pat Hannford, Maxine Stickles, Nettie Sue Hogan, Tim Lee’s grandson, Roger Whisnant, Joan Young in Florida, and many others who are ill.

Sympathy to the children of Jacquetia Guffey of West Plains. Brad died a few months ago.