This Monday morning is very foggy and a sign we will be having more weather changes as November is here this week, and Octobers bright blue skies are past.  Sqirrels have been busy for a few weeks gathering up their winter food supply of nuts and acorns.

Receiving a letter from Ginger Peters in New Jersey and report of her son, Allen, having serious health problems was not good news.  He has been in and out of the  hospital since September.  Our prayers are with him.

Tara Miller and boys from Harrison, Ark. Visited Loyd Lee and Selena Hensely over the weekend near Udall.

Dean and Dorothy Davis from Lawrence Kansas, visited some relatives in the Udall area week before last.

The program presented by Vincent Anderson Oct. 24, was well attended and enjoyed by a large group of folks interested in his book, and a film being filmed in Harrison, Ark. area. The meeting was at the Historium in Gainesville Thursday.

Best wishes to Lou Arta Corbin who had surgery on her hands.

The art league met on Friday at 10 a.m. in the Historium.

Best wishes to Edith McKinnon who has a problem with her knee.  It seems there are lots of knee injuries and arthritis as well.

The Tecumseh Fire House Auxillary Thanksgiving dinner is 5:30 p.m. Nov. 2.

Best wishes to Lily Branco who has a sprained foot. Maxine Smith has had bronchitis and a touch of pneumonia last week.

Diane Easterday is in St. Louis for pre-operative visit and is scheduled for a serious surgery. Our prayers are with her and her husband, Bob.  They own Rocky Top Resort area on the Tecumseh hill.

Prayers are with Joe Corbin who has shingles, a very painful affliction.

My great-nephew Jonathan Aronis spent Monday morning visiting as he was making his route of deliveries in Arkansas with his truck.

Having their 54th anniversary on Nov. 5th are David and Karen Davis, and my grandson, Marlyn Eldon Pitcock., Jr. (Marty), has his 45th birthday.

The journey of life is best when taken with friends.