St. Francis Church

Sunday, October 27 was the twenty-second Sunday after Trinity.  Bishop Hartley based his sermon on the gospel for the day, St. Matthew 17:21, on the theme of forgiveness, in which Peter asks Jesus how many times he must forgive sins against him, and Jesus says seventy times seven, or in other words the number is not important, but we must forgive others if we expect forgiveness from God.  He then tells the parable of the wicked servant who is forgiven his debt but refuses to forgive a debt owed to him,  and is punished for it.

Saturday night I went to Springfield and met Chandler Connell and we had dinner at Gilardi’s Restaurant then attended a wonderful performance of the Mozart opera “Cosi fan tutte” (Women Are Like That) given by the Springfield Regional Opera in the auditorium of the Springfield Art Museum.  Mozart is my favorite composer so I was really looking forward to it and was not disappointed as it was an excellent performance and we both enjoyed it.  Our organist Kip Smith and& his mother Peg, who is visiting from New York,  also were in attendance and praised the performance.  Peg is a retired ballerina with the Metropolitan Opera in New York City and is very knowledgeable about opera.

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