St. Francis Church

Sunday, Nov. 3 was the Twenty-third Sunday after Trinity.  It was also the Sunday after All-Saints Day (Nov. 1) at which time we remember those who have passed on to the spirit life  and the altar and vestment colors were white, the color of spirituality.  Bishop Hartley based his sermon on the Epistle for the day, Philippians 3:17, “For our citizenship is in heaven…” In this passage St. Paul admonishes his readers to follow his example in leading the Christian life and reminds them that not everyone who claims to be Christian really is.  Our goal should not be worldly things, which are temporal, but spiritual things, which are eternal.   For Paul, the church is a colony of heaven and our lives are training schools for eternal life.

My sister Marilyn and I are lovers of historic houses and on Saturday we drove to Springfield to attend the open house at the Humbolt Mansion which was featured in the Springfield newspaper the previous Sunday.  It is a magnificent house from 1902 that has been beautifully restored and was open as a fund raiser for the Springfield Symphony.  Before going to the open house we had lunch at D’Arpino’s Italian Cafe and also spent some time at the Springfield Botanical Garden; the gardens are dormant but the trees are spectacular.  After the tour we rode around to see trees and old houses, then visited with our friend, Daniel Hancock, who has a fine house in a historic section of Springfield  and a wonderful collection of antiques which we enjoyed seeing.

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