Sunday morning service was opened with music by the band and then prayer requests and prayer. Sister Tillie Fowler brought a beautiful special.

Brother Roberts brought the message from John 13, Luke 4:8, Matthew 20:28, “Thank You For Serving The Lord.”

Delmar and I visited the Church of the Living God on Sunday evening and enjoyed music with Junior Marriot and his group.

On Saturday, we went to Springfield and met Frank and Velma Rosseau and got a lawnmower from him.

Those visiting us this week were Bevy Moore, Donna Bannister, Synthia Bishop, Beth Stafford, Johnathon Snelson and John Howard Morris from Leeton, MO. Howard had come down to visit our Uncle Mack Miller. Delmar spent part of the week mowing leaves in the yard.

I have been visiting Uncle Mack Miller every day and also visiting several others while at the nursing home. I visit, hug, give little treats and play the piano some of the time. The people there seem to enjoy any attention they get and it does my heart good to visit with them.

Until next week remember if you run out of anything to pray about, remember the people who are lonely and also our troops overseas.