Rodeo Clown Controversy Did Not Stop Rise In Attendance to State Fair

By Jessica Mensch
Missouri School of Journalism
The incident involving a rodeo clown imitating President Barack Obama at this year’s Missouri State Fair apparently did not affect fair attendance.
According to a report released on Oct. 30, attendance rose three percent from the previous year.
Missouri State Fair Director Mark Wolfe said the rodeo incident might have even been an incentive for certain citizens to attend.
“I’m sure there were some people who felt like they wouldn’t participate because of that and some that did participate because of it. So I guess it just depends on how you look at those things,” he said.
He added: “It’s not something that we condone. It certainly wasn’t something expected or planned by any means, although there seems to be some thought out there that it was and that’s not the case at all. You know, we dealt with that and we’re going to move on.”