Prayer requests this morning:  Pat Moore, Glenda Jones; Servicemen; Cancer patients; Vic Mills, Joann Bradshaw, Velma Knox, Jack Lathrom, Lonnie Sinning, Shelby Housley, Phyllis Virtue, Rick Flagelle, Cecile, T.J.Stouts’ grandpa, Jase, Roberta Elliott, Willie Adamson.  Praise:  Delores Shelton, Lola Dennis, and Sharon Marler have all received good reports from the doctor.

Upcoming Events:  Bring donations for the Wright Co. Children’s Home. Men’s breakfast-December 5th 7:00 a.m.; Ladies Christmas party December 6th at the parsonage; Norwood parade December 7th with church entering a float; Christmas program and Christmas Potluck at noon on December 15th.

Shelby Moore read a thank you card from Roy and Lola Dennis; he also thanked Helen for printing the weekly church bulletin.

Birthdays:  Ryan Bates and Debbie Parkes.  The choir and Sandy Housley did specials. Children’s church today with Sandy Housley.

Today’s message from Bro. Rick: “The church is a place of blessings”.  His message was from Numbers 11:4, 16.  People should be thankful.  We should be thankful at all times.  Not just with words, but we should be thankful through our actions.  We should all say thank you, and teach our children to do the same.  Are you truly exhibiting thankfulness?  He said for us to take a test to see.  (1)  Do children act thankful for a house, food, clothes?  How about a TV, computer, and a cell phone?  Do they grumble when they have to do chores? (2) Spouses- are you thankful for one another?  (3)Those that work-are they thankful that they can work and that they have a job?  (4) Christians, are you thankful or do you grumble about the jobs you have to do in the church, following the 10 Commandments and the rules, and the demands placed on you?  “We should be thankful at all times.  We should act it, show it, and live it. Don’t sin against God by not counting your blessings.  Make God happy by being thankful in all things”.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO EVERYONE and COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS everyday, not just on Thanksgiving Day.

Evening service:  Speaker Bro. Roman Atchison.  Special: his girls sang.  Jenifer had the new baby with her.  He is such a doll.  Roman preached from Matthew.

Questions about services, call Bro. Rick Batten at 417-683-5657 or 417-250-0918. Visitors are always welcome!