Isn’t it surprising how fast time passes?  It is hard to believe that it is November already.   This morning we have a fire in the stove which feels so warm and inviting while the wind blows hard and cold against the windows.  Leaves, twigs and acorns are falling so fast that it sounds like rain on the roof.  Another batch of Honey Maple Apple Butter just finished processing in the canner.  That will be the last of the apple butter making for this year.

With the support of my husband, one of my latest projects is a cookbook with our favorite local recipes.  This is something I haven’t ever done before and with technology the way it is, there are so many ways to do such a thing.  I feel very lost, but thankfully, a dear neighbor is helping me with the technology part of it.  She has an uncanny way of knowing that I have set it on the back burner lately and has gotten quite pushy about making me get busy with it (snicker snicker).  For that, I am grateful Mrs. R.  I anticipate being very busy with that this week in between working up the bushel of pears into spiced pear butter.

Just recently, we had the wonderful opportunity to try a new restaurant.  I have to admit, we are old and set in our ways so when we find a place that we like to eat, that is about the only place we will go.  Why rock the boat?  Ok, so we are not old, we are middle aged, but still, why go trying new places and spending money on things we might not like?  A friend of ours told us about this great restaurant up in Norwood. It is really hard to find any place that has food as good as what one has at home, but I can tell you with confidence, this place was better than home cooking.  First of all, it is home cooking, and second of all, I didn’t have to cook it!  I had a thick, juicy hamburger on thick slabs of toasted homemade wheat bread and I would almost guarantee that it wasn’t store bought meat either.  My husband had the roast beef plate.  We followed it up by some homemade apple cobbler with vanilla ice cream.  Now I’m hungry.  Norwood is a bit of a drive from Olga, but we were returning home from Mountain Grove at the time so it wasn’t out of our way.  We don’t visit Mountain Grove too often, but we will sure go out of our way in the future to have another Dutch Cooking meal.

There isn’t really anything new happening in Olga, that’s the beauty of living here.  It is the simple routine of being blessed with wonderful neighbors, beautiful countryside and the rhythm of life.  My simple joys of this week have been watching the squirrels get ready for winter, being able to see more birds because the leaves are falling off the trees, watching a deer frolic through the field as the day was dawning, having a neighbor call to say another neighbors cows got out, apple butter bubbling on the stove filling the house with delicious smells, and the smell and warmth of a good fire in the stove.  I hope you have been able to slow down a bit this week to enjoy the simply joys of life.

Have a blessed week!