Now Thanksgiving is come and gone, we hope yours was a time of joy and truly filled with “thanksgiving.” Ours came with turkey and ham, all the fixin’s and punkin’ pie to top it off. Wouldn’t you know it, while we was clearing the dishes away from the thanksgiving dinner, we started planning our Christmas dinner. (sounds like Baptists to me). Your invited to come and join us for Christmas dinner, keep an eye on the Douglas County Herald for time and date in upcoming issues.

The Youth Group that meets here at Oak Grove is planning to go caroling in the near future, if you know someone who is in need of a little Christmas cheer and a few songs will fit the bill, get in touch with someone from Oak Grove and we will see if we can pay them a carol-call.

Even though the “Holiday” of “Thanksgiving” has past, we need to remember that we should live each day in thanksgiving for all the blessings God pours into our lives, in “all things, be thankful.”

The Reserved seating has doubled in recent weeks, come be our guest and if you like, we will save a seat just for you.