Oak Grove Church

The Lord blessed us with a breezy Sunday morning this week and winter is upon us. After our windy trip to church this week we enjoyed Brother Eddie’s teaching on “First Things,” and morning worship service involving Galatians the fifth chapter.

Next Sunday we will have Communion after the morning message and then we will have a Thanksgiving Dinner in the fellowship hall. Thanksgiving is something we should be involved in all year long, if we have Jesus Christ as the Lord of our lives we certainly have much to be thankful for.

He has blessed us with the most free nation on earth, and the freedom to come together and worship Him as He directs us in His Word. He has given us health, wealth, and liberty; somehow it seems only right to give Him the glory, “Oh, maybe that’s because it is.”

Come, join us in worship to the Lord and giving Him praise and thanks for all His many wonderful blessings. And may he bless you and yours throughout this coming year.