Norwood Gleanings

Howdy folks. A nice dinner was served Nov. 12. The Christmas dinner will be served December 10 at the Union Grove Church around 11:30 or 12. Those attending were Janet Atchison, Linda, Shirley and Denver Cottengim, Linda VanderBogart, Zach, Tammy, and Joan Williams, Ruth Bradshaw, Gale Robertson, Delta Forrest, Kay Woods, Jr. Steinert, Leon Pendergrass, Earlene Dennis, Jack Chadwell, Jack Barnett, and Bonita Raney.

The kids will only be going to school Monday and Tuesday of next week, then they are out for Thanksgiving.

Community Church Thanksgiving sermon and snacks will be held November 24 at 6 p.m. at Norwood Assembly of God with T.J. Stout the speaker. There’s one church and that’s the body of believers. Let’s all praise together.

Donnie Reed and wife are doing something great for this community and aren’t’ thinking of money. They will serve a hot thanksgiving dinner around 12:30 to anyone elderly or handicapped. If you can’t get out, that’s okay. There will be someone to deliver it right to your front door. Please call ahead to give him some kind of idea how much to cook. I am going to make a pie and donate, so if you have a good recipe, they would appreciate any kind of help. Also, if you want to deliver the dinners, they would appreciate that too. Their phone number if 746-0270.

Don’t forget the parade at 11 a.m.

Ernie and Ann Raney donated a few things and I would give my apprecation also, and Ernie I hope you have a speedy recovery. Ernie fell and his knee is as twice as big as the other one.

Let’s talk about deer season a little. I am without a husband turkey season and deer. My husband is the best in the whole wide world but…I do like my vacation time where we are apart for awhile.

The only anniversary I have this week is John and Dorothy Locke. They celebrated 12 years on the 19th.

My brother is just about done remodeling Ronnie Atchison’s old beauty shop and then his wife, Dana, is going to open it up. She will do nails and hair. He also is the proud owner of the Old Hotel which he will fix up for her to someday move to and own their own shop.

Lonnie and Chad will be the ones repairing Janet’s house, a few other people have offered their help.

Fun Facts: It’s wood cutting time, how would you have liked to cut a tree down with a cross cut saw? Ralph Chadwell and Wayne McKinney could cut a tree down in 32 seconds in 1981. That’s quicker than you could get your saw started.

Thought: Let’s practice what we preach. They say the most impatient ill attitude customers are the very people that walk out of church and go to a restaurant for dinner. The world is watching you, you better be real.

Until next week, God bless our little town.