Norwood Gleanings


Ronnie Atchison would have been proud of the turn-out he had at family viewing and the funeral. Ronnie felt funerals were important and every time I went, you could bet Ronnie would be there. Ronnie wanted it just like a regular church service and we did just that. We had a choir, songs and an altar call after Bro. Zach gave an Evangelistic sermon. Ronnie would have been proud.

Everyone is worrying about Janet, his wife, but I talked to her and she is a lot stronger than you think. She’s gonna be just fine.

Something amazing happened Tuesday before the funeral. Ronnie’s youngest son, Roman and his wife, became proud parents of child number four and it was a boy. Roman had to run to Houston, then to the funeral and back to Houston to name his son, David Isaac.

Mary Dake had a 4-wheeler accident on Monday and she is in hopes to get to come home Friday. I heard she broke both of her arms. That would be awful.

Sometimes everyone doesn’t know the reasoning behind changes, so I’m going to try to explain why the school is routing everyone around the school to drop and pick up your kid. There has been some very close calls of kids running out in front or behind cars going and coming.

Also we have a whole lot of parents going in the school when school isn’t even over, so if the faculty can stand out in the weather, surely we can drive our kids around just for the safety of the children, or if that doesn’t work, let your kid ride the bus and you won’t have to gripe.

Four young girls on the softball team this year made All-Conference.  They were Madison Crane, Emily Chadwell, Michia Jenkins and Jenna Ogletree. The proud parents are Shannon and Julie Crane, Shawn and Shelly Chadwell, Morris and Janine Jenkins and Jeff and Jennifer Ogletree.

Larry Cochran is retiring from the Hartville courthouse. He was the longest worker they ever had and he was hired when Sheriff Leo Bradshaw was in office.

Our anniversaries that I have this week are Kathy and Rusty Bradshaw. They will celebrate 19 years on the 29th and Bob and Shirley Chadwell will celebrate on Nov. 1.

There will be a Christmas parade this year on December 7, so we need floats and people to participate to make it worth while. Also there is a betterment club up and going again.

The Coatneys moved in their house this weekend. Chad still has to build a deck on the back of their house, but they’re not in a big hurry. They were just so excited to finally get in. Travis did say that he sure was going to miss everyone stopping by. So maybe you can drop in every once in a while and just say howdy.

Fun Facts: Imagine Norwood with a concert band just like Mayberry. Well, Norwood had one in 1910. Those in it were Lee Bouldin, Lee Twohig, Lawrence Connolly, Ralph Ellis, Bob Ellis, Ernest Ellis, Claude Grant, Harry Cramer, Ira Stewart, Leanard Connally and Garnet Scofield.

Thought: You post all your drama on facebook and then wonder why people judge you…you must be a special kind of stupid. Bill Cosby.

Until next week, God bless our little town.