Mt. Tabor Church

We began church with devotional, and prayer requests for the sick, those who have had surgery, and those facing some problems down the road.  We especially pray for the lost and those in dire straits with the situation our economy is in.

Brother Ric had a very interesting sermon, using Matt. 5, which goes along very well with the song, “Consider The Lillies”.  We know if our heavenly father cares so much for these creatures and things of the field, how much more does He care for us who are made in His image.

We were blessed to have Brother Les Hallmark in our service and he will be preaching this Sunday morning, come if you don’t have a regular home church.

Brother Martin Hathcock has not been feeling too well, as of late. Ronda Soto took him to the doctor Tuesday and Eleazar Soto brought him home. While in Springfield, they visited Larry and Lynn Clayton, and Martin’s great-grand-daughter, Meghan’s daughter.  Larry was hoping to come home right away and the baby was a little better.

Mae Cox says she is doing very well, but stays in most of the time, afraid she will fall. She had a call from her friend, Jane Pruett, which thrilled Mae. She said they were school mates and enjoyed playing together. Mae also had calls from sisters, Golda, Sylvia, Lue, brother, Johnny, and great-grandson, Stephen. Those coming by to see her were Lisa Johnson and Jesse, Tim Hall, Lauren and Hunter.

Tom and Jewell Elliott, along with James and Tammy Elliott and Ashley, LeAnna and the children, helped Shaun Elliott celebrate his birthday, Tuesday evening.

Tom and Jewell visited Albert and Doris Elliott, Tuesday afternoon.

Ashley Elliott came to visit Tom and Jewell Elliott on Wednesday, one of her days off from work.

Logan Elliott spent Thursday and Friday with his great-grandparents, home sick from school. Shaun, LeAnna and MaKayla came in the evening to pick him up.

Albert and Doris Elliott visited Tom and Jewell Sunday afternoon, then Tom and Jewell were at their house Monday night.

Martin Hathcock visited Harold and Kay Hutchison, Friday afternoon. He had been down to see Tom and Rosie Harris, also.

Morgan Clements spent Saturday night with Harold and Kay Hutchison. Danny and Kim came Sunday evening to take him home.

Kay Hutchison attended Girdner Church, Sunday night, where Sister Maxine Lund is Pastor.

Kay stopped by to visit Jo and Johnny Stephens, Tuesday afternoon. Jo is doing okay after her back surgery, has a ways to go, however.