Little Creek

Our Lord has given us another beautiful day to rejoice and be glad in. We have so much to be thankful for and we must be mindful to pray for those in the tsunami and the tornadoes of yesterday and the hunters of the deer. I always heave a huge sigh of relief when rifle season is over. I think it should all be done with bows and arrows. In the language of our youngsters, “Just sayin’.”

I was happy to be in church with my family and friends. We’re missing Ron and Bev. When any of our flock is absent, we notice and miss them. Kent brought a powerful message about Juda’s betrayal of Jesus and about God’s compassion and readiness to forgive if humble and sorrowful of our sins. We had a very good lesson in Revelations. We most certainly want Jesus on our side in the coming time of tribulation.

I came home and although I had no company I decided to make a Sunday dinner for myself. So that’s what took  up my afternoon for I can’t stand to do anything and I work from a chair with rollers. Nevertheless I was very tired by the time I was finished. And I have enough leftover chicken, etc. to last another day or two. I am in between in-home aides so I’m okay.

Larry and Carolyn came by Friday as did Kent and Ruth. We had a very good visit. And my sisters, Jean and Jo came Wednesday evening. Jo brought fixings and she and I had supper together. I am so thankful for my sisters and their families and it is the best feeling I can think of to be together of one accord and to love one another unconditionally. Happy 80th Birthday to sister, Jean on the 21st and to my daughter, Kim Rheann, who isn’t telling her age on the 15th, so neither will I. It’s hard to imagine Jean and Jim as being oldsters, but we all come to it if we live long enough. Jean is still the prettiest woman as she has always been both inside as well as out. And of course so is Kimmie.

I had a long talk via phone Sunday with Kim and my granddaughter, Ruby Lee and also with my grandson, Jody. He had killed his buck and had it in the freezer.

Charlie visited one day and I think that is all the visitors I’ve had.

Our quilting club Christmas party was spent at Cookie’s Restaurant in Theodosia. It was well attended with about 20 present including visitors. The gift exchange was a fun time with most everyone getting nice gifts and then drawing names for our secret pals for another year. I got just the pal I wanted. Lucky me. Karen and Jean and I then visited with Kent and Ruth and approved of the house and property they are fixing up near the lake. After all Ruth will be soon retiring and Ruth loves to fish.

Autum Miller had a 9th birthday this month and one celebration she shared with Ma Jean and Pa Jim and friends on Sunday. Those coming Sunday evening to Jim and Jean’s for a birthday party were friends, Nicole, Brady, Jayce, Morgan, Montana, Cheyenne and Aunt Jamie, Uncle Danny and Grandpa Rusty. Happy Birthday to a special little girl, Autum Cadance Miller.

Kevin Taber visited the Frye’s one day and Brady Tetrick got his first deer. Kevin, Ruth and Jody all scored deers and that’s all I’ve heard from.

Robyn Tetrick visited me Monday. Kelly Jo has been visiting her grandmother, Jo, during the weekend.

Until next time, be kind to one another and remember to glorify Jesus. God bless.