Little Creek

It’s a foggy Monday morning here and Brandon Beck says it’s widespread.

Anyway, Sunday was a beautiful day and I didn’t feel well enough to attend church.  Therefore, I missed out on all the visitors.  Wendy Tetrick and family were in attendance and Kendra and Bryon Stout, her boyfriend, sang specials.  And, Jeff Denney gave his testimony and motivational talk Sunday night.  Also, Ron and Bev Smith brought visitors.

Jean called this morning to remind me to write the news.  Her company for Sunday dinner was Robyn and Kendra Tetrick, Bryon Stout, and Padan Coonce.

And, on Saturday Danny and Jamie Dry and Cori Dry and friend Cody visited the Fryes.

Jean Frye and sister Jo Delp visited Margie Degase during the weekend and came home with pears that they picked there. Margie told them Debbie was doing good and was very happy.  Debbie was always so nice to me and glad to see me, and I’m glad to get news of her.

I have had very good company this week.  Larry Warrick and friend Carolyn came Saturday evening bringing turnips and we had a very nice visit. They came back Sunday evening bringing goodies, which will be shared with others.

Then Burl Conrad came by Sunday evening bringing me a cheeseburger. That was very thoughtful and very much appreciated.

And Charlie brought cucumbers and a dressed rabbit compliments of Mike Jones.  Thanks to Mike and my friends I had the best dinner I had had since I raised rabbits.

So you can see I have awesome friends and I dearly love them all.  Thanks Mike and Lucy.  I wish I was able to cook dinner for you as I used to do.

And thanks Larry for the turnips and Karen for the pepper.

Greg and Karen Evans spent some time Saturday with Greg’s Mom, Norma, and shared homemade soup with her.  Knowing Norma’s skill in the kitchen, I can imagine how good it was.  Greg and Karen went 4-wheeling and camped out Sun.  Then later Karen came and cleaned out some stuff in my computer which was slowing it down.

So, that exhausts my news.

I have been working some on my book and waiting for input from Randall and Kasey and others, which has been promised.  I hope Rocky writes something and anyone else wishing to.

I want to say hello to Betty and Lynda in Arkansas and to Maxine and Ruth and Lorene, of course, and all my friends and readers of my items.

Until next time have a good week and make someone happy. Just a compliment or a smile goes a long way.