Little Creek

It’s such a beautiful, frosty Sabbath morning and I am waiting to go to church. I thought that if I started a paragraph I wouldn’t forget to write my news of Little Creek happenings.

I got letters, handwritten in cursive, yesterday from two friends, namely. Lorene Maloney, my other sister, and from Sue Hartgraves. I dearly love to get letters which certainly dates me. But I am of the old school. I like the personal feeling when you connect with friends who bother to write you a letter. Thanks, my friends. I miss seeing you all and I’ll be writing letters.

It’s Monday again so soon and I must get busy and first on my agenda is to finish my news.

It was good to be with my church family and I’m so very thankful that I am able to go. And thankful to Burr and Ruth for their care and help in getting me there. It was nice and warm with the new wall heaters Burr put in. And lesson and message were good. Also the singing of the old hymns and our youngest member, Nicole, loves to stand up front and sing. I can hear her now and she has a beautiful voice. I’m hoping she will soon be brave enough to sing a special every now and then.

I talked with both sisters this morning. Jo had a family weekend with Chris Scott and his girlfriend, Katy and Kelly Jo. She had chili and good country breakfasts with biscuits, gravy and everything that goes with it.

They all enjoyed the Squires Saturday night dance. It’s so good that so many young people have a place to go and even the very young are learning to dance. Autum is going to learn square dancing.

My sister Jean was reluctantly pulled on to the floor and was on Facebook. She may not wish this known, but when you’re on Facebook, “the cats,” pretty much, “out of the bag.”

There were 25 to 30 friends and family gathering at Jim and Jean Frye’s farm Saturday for an old fashioned wood cutting. So now their winter’s wood is split and hauled in. How wonderful that there is still neighborly help in these hills. The woman all brought food and everyone had a good time together and a productive day.

The Frye family are all thankful. Many of them then enjoyed the dance at Squires.

When we talk of dancing I think of Newt and how much he enjoyed it and he was a very good dancer. He even made a dancer out of Jo.

Karen and Nicole came a couple of times during the weekend. Nicole enjoyed a full weekend here out of the hustle and bustle of Springfield. She spent the night with her dad and step mother, Robert and Tobi.

This time change is hard to deal with at first. I woke up Sunday morning very early so I didn’t get my extra hour. But anyway, I got all ready for church and studied my lesson. Ruth came and we left for church, a little early I thought. When we arrived Ruth said, “Well, I wonder where everyone is at because it is ten ’til.” I said, “Ruth, dear, it is ten ’til nine.” So I guess young as well as old do forget quite often.

The splendor of a colorful fall is rapidly turning brown with many trees completely bare. I have enjoyed the view from my front porch. And now on to winter with many predictions of a white and maybe worse winter. We have had a most wonderful summer and autumn and winter will be what we make of it.

I myself am looking forward to the season now that I don’t have to milk cows. What you do has a lot to do with what you enjoy. Old age has a lot of drawback but the good part is that you are free to do whatever you wish to do. And what you are able to do. And I am able to enjoy all seasons come what may. So my sewing machine will get a workout. I have been neglecting it. And pots of soups of every kind and big pots of chili, of course. These things are part of winter and then there’s Thanksgiving and Christmas. So there are so many good things about winter. I am thankful, Lord, that you gave us the four seasons. We must be a special people to be so blessed by you, the great I Am.

And on that note, I will close for this week with thanfulness to the Lord for His many blessings and thankfulness for you, my friends who read my items. God bless us all!