Attendance at Mt. Olive (Highlonesome) was up Sunday. They had good services. The young people sang. We opened service with prayer reading from I John 3:1-3 and prayer requests were taken. Pastor Jerry Loveland preached on faith. Tina Swearengin and Phyllis Bloomer are working on the Christmas program. They would love for more kids to join them.

Sunday night Jerry preached at Goodhope General Baptist and will be again on Sunday night, November 24. The Loveland brothers known as Brothers Twice will be singing. Their pastor is on vacation.

December 1st Sunday night services will start at Mt. Olive. If you don’t have a church they welcome you.

Garrison Baptist Church attendance was 42. Several were out due to hunting and doing other things. The electricity went out and caused some to miss. Pastor James Orick preached.

Sunday night Bro. Justin Cunningham preached. He did a good job. His wife, Kayla, sang a special and Melany Stevens sang.

Bruner Baptist Church came and supported Justin. We had a good crowd, just like revival. Join us anytime for services at Garrison.

Visitors of George and Janie Morrison was the Darren Morrison family, Bradon and Caleb Morrison, Phyllis Bloomer and grandkids.

Rev. Donald and Portia Potter, Tammy Gunter and James and I visited Jolly, Teena and Ester Johnson Tuesday night and had prayer with Teena. She really needs your prayers that God will heal her.

Opening morning of deer season I killed an 8 point buck, not an outstanding rack, but it butchered.

Have a good week.