Gentry Church

After prayer and singing to open our service, we studied in Sunday school class about the miracle of the Lord with Moses crossing the Red Sea. We should remind ourselves of how God works in our lives to save us.

Our special song was by Ramona Henning.

This is a reminder for the church to bring an infant picture of yourselves for our Christmas slide show.

Remember Bill Swofford is in the hospital with heart problems.

Bro. Keith Lafferty brought the morning message from Luke chapter one. We can be made righteous by Jesus on the cross, all things work together for the good. Some of these days God’s going to say, “Son, go bring your children home.”

In our evening service after singing and testimonies, our special songs was by Pauline Welker and Sue Thomas, Charlotte Reich and Keith and Regina Lafferty.

Bro. Lafferty’s message was from Isaiah, chapter 44. Thus saith the Lord that made and formed thee, I’ll pour out my spirit upon thee and we will always have the indwelling spirit in us.