Gentry Church

After opening with prayer and singing, we studied in our Sunday school classes about the passover and how before Moses led God’s people out of Egypt and the preparation of the meal and obedience of the people was very important.

Happy Birthday wishes went out to Rebecca Young, Dylan Welker and Chayton Hoefer.

On Wednesday nights we will be practicing our Christmas program at 7 p.m.

This Friday, Nov. 15th is our third Friday singing with fellowship afterwards.

In our service, our Veterans were brought before us in recognition for their service. We thank them for the protection of our freedom. Narvil Tetrick and the choir presented a reading for them.

Many prayer requests went before the Lord. Among some were Sammy Lawerence, Delores Young, Larry and Lynn Clayton, Willard and Wanda Short. All the requests certainly need your prayers.

Our morning message was by Bro. Keith Lafferty from II Timothy, chapter one. Paul was telling Timothy to always remember the strong faith of his grandmother and mother and Paul was persuaded that Timothy had that same faith that made him make the personal decision to follow Jesus. Sometimes we all need reminding and renewal of our faith.

In our evening service after singing, our special song was by Pauline Welker and Sue Thomas, and a reading by Brenda Hampel.

Bro. Lafferty’s evening message continued to be in II Timothy, chapter one. We need to do the will of God according to the promise of life in Christ Jesus and show others a better and more abundant life.