My goodness what an awesome day we’ve had today.

The weather is kinda crazy for this time of the year, but I kinda liked the warm temperature, but that wind changed your hair do real fast.

Anyway, I enjoyed Darrel and Audean’s visit.

I had a nice short visit with Norma Bogart at the beauty shop the other day.

I wake up to about 9 or 10 deer hunters here at my house Saturday morning. I thought my goodness there isn’t that many deer in Squires.

Bro. Jeff had a really good sermon this morning. I enjoyed getting to go since I missed last Sunday with my sore leg.

Monday morning and the sun is shining bright. A brand new day that the Lord has made for us.

I didn’t see any deer hunters when I looked out and Ethan got up early and went to work.

So I guess I’ll get out some quilt work and see what I can do today.

No news to write about so I’ll sing off for now.

Remember to praise God for what he’s done for you!