Eastern Gate and Around the Mountain

I hope all the deer hunters are staying safe. The wind did blow strong this last weekend, but at least we did not get any of the tornadoes that some of the other states received. We need to remember all those families in prayer.

We had a great weekend at church. We started with a good crowd Sunday morning and a good service. We had several young people sing for us. Wanda Hutchinson had our next song and then Jon Mitchell, Bud Hampton and I sang. Jon was then joined by his daughter, Grace, in singing a song. I know that it really means a lot to Jon to get to sing in church with his kids.

Donald brought the message to us from God and several came to the altar to pray. Our prayer list seems to keep growing. Tina Johnson had to go back to Tulsa; she is in need of lots of prayers. Wyatt Applegate had to go back to the hospital. Jerry Nelson still isn’t feeling back up to par. I know I could go on, but I will just ask you to pray and God will know our people we have on our prayer board.

We had our Thanksgiving dinner Sunday night. We had lots of good food and fellowship was flowing all over our church. We started out singing Happy Birthday to a wonderful lady of our church. Miss Jane, whom we all know and love as Grandma Jane. We even had cake and ice cream for her, thanks to Jackie Nelson. After we ate, we had two raffle prizes that Alice drew for. Wanda won the first one and Tammy Gunter won the second prize. We then had testimoney service; several stood and told some of the things they were thankful for. It is always so hard to name all the things we are thankful to God for. It seems you always have to pick just a few to mention.

It’s time to get ready for work, so I’ll leave you with this thought. It is still several days before Thanksgiving. Start now, and when you talk with God thank Him for the things He does for you every day.