It took a bit longer at the office on Friday so only one of the turkeys was oven-roasted.  The other turkey went into the oven on Saturday morning followed by a turkey breast.  It sure takes a long time for them to cool down so they can be handled.  Then for Thanksgiving a smaller turkey goes into the oven and a small spiral ham.  Those coming here for Thanksgiving are bringing side dishes and the ladies are always so good when it comes time for clean up.  Our Harvest Potluck at St. Leo’s went well, no one left there hungry, and not much was left over.  A couple of parishioners said this was the best tasting potluck we’ve had.

Many phone calls came in this past week from family, friends and a couple of neighbors.  Neighbor Bob Wagner went to visit Eva White to let her know we were concerned about her after the ambulance fiasco some while back.  Eva called me on Saturday for a chat and says the ambulance wasn’t for her, she is feeling fine, and that is good news.  Arlene Boeddeker took some used containers from here to Cathy Shultz, giving Arlene a chance to introduce herself.  Cathy then e-mailed me she was pleased to receive the containers and to meet Arlene.  Eva Wymer sent me a nice card to let me know when she will be in the area again.  I am looking forward to our hugs and chatter.

A couple of people apparently took umbrage at my Letter to the Editor in the Herald.  Perhaps they are correct and I should have done more investigation into what was presented to me as “facts”.  Since then, I have done even more investigation on various topics and still find that it still depends on one’s point of view and who you trust.  Thank you to those who bothered to contact and thank me and to let me know they agree with my take on things.  One neighbor said she called the Herald to express her thoughts on the situation and then told me to continue what I was doing.

Son Ron came on Saturday with 8 packages of ground venison from a deer he took just a few days ago.  He said that Gibson’s in Seymour is overwhelmed with deer and when he went in with another, they just said, “Not again Ron!”  I don’t do chili but this meat sure will go into meat loaves, perhaps tacos.  Ron also showed me the nice racks he got in Douglas County.  Perhaps you saw last week in the Herald the picture of Ron and the Dall Ram he took in Alaska.  That was a dangerous trip as these sheep live on rocky ridges where there are also wolves and bear, and Ron was there alone.

Again, no news filtering in!  Hopefully you had a blessed and thankful Thanksgiving.  Now we can look forward to Christmas.  Stay warm, be well – and look out for your neighbors.