Dogwood Ramblings

News coming in for this column is very slow.  In fact, absolutely no news has come in and I cannot think of much of interest to write about.  So, I shall “ramble” on (as usual??)!

Of course we have heard an occasional shot from off in the woods, the rare but obvious “jake breaking” of a big truck on Highway 14 along with the annoying sound of vehicles without mufflers from down south of here.  One evening I received a very quiet phone request from a hunter in the woods asking me to please bring my dogs into the house.  Then on Sunday, about 5:30 p.m., I called one of my sons and was advised that was NOT the time his cell phone should be going off.  Oops!

This will be a busy week as I have a large mailing to get out for St. Leo’s.  Thank heavens that Arlene Boeddeker came and helped me with all the folding and envelope stuffing as that is one necessary but boring job.  At least we were able to do some visiting while our hands were busy.  Due to most of us in this area having a Seymour mailing address, the Herald doesn’t arrive at our mailboxes until Friday afternoons.  And this Friday I have the dubious pleasure of roasting two 20# turkeys for the Harvest Potluck at St. Leo’s Church on Sunday the 24th.  Perhaps I can read the paper during this time.  The task of making the gravy falls to this household as well.

When the roasting and cooling is done I slice the turkey, debone it, top it with chicken broth, readying it to heat Sunday morning…..and I keep and freeze the bones and scrap meat for making soup and some rice dishes, which I share with others as the need arises.  And before you know it, there will be turkey roasting for Thanksgiving as well as the many side dishes and desserts.  This year there will be less of us for the Thanksgiving feast but, I do give thanks for all who can be here.  Family is important!

Are you gullible?  I never thought I was but a few years ago I fell for something big.  The dictionary says:  Synonyms – dewy-eyed, exploitable, easy, naïve, susceptible, trusting, unwary, wide-eyed.  Most likely most of us have at one time or another been gullible.  Locally, surely you have been approached at your door to buy meat off a truck (where did they get the meat??), to have lightning protection put up on your house, to have your driveway paved, etc.  Just remember if you need something badly enough, there are local businesses to take care of your needs.

Please do remember in prayer the people in the Philippines, the people in Illinois, and people who are suffering anywhere.  Many churches will be taking up collections to assist devastated areas and I encourage you to be generous.  We may not have much but we still have our homes and hopefully our family members.  Some may even give cards for Christmas with a note saying gifts for 2013 were sent to the needy in devastated areas, a true gift of love.

May God bless and keep you.  Stay warm.  Until next week…….