Dogwood Ramblings

We certainly do live in dangerous times.  Children are not safe, the elderly are not safe and many businesses are not safe.  However, my son Ryan made some modifications when here so that there is better protection, and of course the new dog that weighs around 85 – 90 pounds (with the nickname of “The Beast”).  In the past there have been attempts to break and enter the properties of some of my neighbors, as well as theft of farm equipment and cattle. And, even though we don’t have a properly identified neighborhood watch, we keep our eyes out for each other.  Perhaps we should do this through the Sheriff’s Office!

Ron, Rex and Regina had birthdays last week and on Friday I was able to take Rex out to the Ruby Garden for a little birthday treat.  My eldest grandson has a 36th birthday this week.  Goodness, where have all the years gone?  Seems such a short time ago I was potty training and babysitting.  We even did the babysitting in the dairy barn and one day Regina put her tongue on a pipe to the milk tank – we had to run some hot water over her little tongue to unfreeze it.  Many days homework was done in the barn, sitting on one bucket and using another as a table although the spelling was done verbally.  When the grandkids got off the bus it was a run to the house for a snack and then to the barn for homework.

Jeff Reeves came out one day and raked up what looked like tons of leaves from the deck, drained all the hoses, and cleaned up the arbor out front.  Then he got started with Christmas lights.  Those doggone lights sometimes don’t last more than a year and naturally are not manufactured in this country.  In the past it has been said by people on their way home from west of here they look forward to the lights here as they know they aren’t far from their homes.  A “lighthouse” of sorts!

Saturday Tina Chriss, Kim and I attended a delightful soup exchange party at the Madche home where there were so very many good munchies to enjoy and getting to see old friends for catching up.  Each guest brings homemade soup, enough containers (baggies) for almost 20 to share, and the recipe for what they bring.  Then in December there will be a cookie exchange party, with goodies to take home as well as a recipe.  Not that I need the calories but it sure is good fun and getting to visit and to better know some of our neighbors as well as taking home such delights.

It was 12 years ago my home burned to the ground.  Those of you who have been through such an event know the true meaning of trauma.  Even to this day on occasion I start looking for something that I just know I have somewhere, in vain, until I realize it went up in fire and smoke.  You might want to check your insurance policy….our insurance did not cover my John Deere 5 wheeler that was in the attached garage, and they now cost 3 times what we paid originally.   Many have asked me why I don’t have a garden and can or freeze the produce.  Well, the canning equipment and many dozens of jars went in the fire and I simply cannot justify replacing that for just one person.  Besides, this property is truly rocky.  When we lived a mile south of here the garden area was about 30’ x 30’ and it took a very long time to get rid of the rocks and till the soil.  Then, the men of the family decided it was a good place to build a large shop.  Oh well, I was busy in the dairy barn so didn’t complain too much.

Remember and honor our military and our veterans, always!