Dogwood Ramblings

It seems I am still recovering from that wild weekend over the 26th.  That next Wednesday was an appointment in Springfield at the cardiologist’s office (showing much improvement) and then off to get items for our church kitchen and some cleaning supplies.  Thursday I finally finished writing the “thank you” notes for all the wonderful people in my life, as well, as many e-mails and phone calls.

A week ago early in the morning an ambulance pulled in to my place and asked if I had called.  No, it wasn’t me and hopefully I sent them in the right direction.  The only name they had was “Carol” and eleven miles west of Ava.  I don’t know of anyone else near here with that name so I sent them to Eva White’s place.  They had stopped at a couple of other places and were directed here.  Later, the Schultz family, Bob and Dana Wagner and Randy Dugan checked to be sure all was well here.  Can’t find Eva’s phone number so hope she is okay.  Wanda Dugan called and we had a nice visit.  She too, had the ambulance come to her place and she has no idea who it was for.

We had lots of rain here and some nasty wind as well and as expected the yards were littered with leaves.  Then, this past Saturday here came Bob Wagner on his mower, sucking up all the downed leaves.  Not one child stopped here for Halloween, not even granddaughter Reanna.  Hopefully everyone had a safe time as it was not a very nice night.

Those who wish things for free (ObamaCare, Obama phones, for example) need to remember. The cheese in a mousetrap is free.  A great deal of information comes to me about what is going on in this nation, and especially what is going on in Washington, D.C.  However, this is not the venue for sharing such and from time to time I manage to get a Letter to the Editor put together.  Being a conservative, it is like singing to the choir in this region however, it is good to be informed.

The time change takes some getting used to.  Bed beckons earlier at night and the complication from giving in to that means waking earlier, which means a nap is a necessity.  So, here it is Monday morning and I’ve been up since 4 a.m. doing soup things, checking my in mail, making the bed, etc. when a noise draws me to the window.  There I see Bob Wagner out on his mower, scooping up fallen leaves, again.  It seems he likes this exercise!

The Southern Construction truck stopped by this morning and determined none of my trees need to be topped or removed.  There was concern for the Weeping Willow, the original of which I planted in Hillsboro, ND in 1958 or 1959.  Two of my sons now have cuttings growing from this tree.

Just a side note here….via the phone and Internet come prayer requests and then I send out these prayer requests for St. Leo’s Church.  Sometimes this is a daily thing, sometimes a few quiet days pass, and some days many prayer requests arrive.  Our Internet Prayer Warriors number around 85 covering a few states and various faiths, and some of our warriors then pass on the requests to others, all the while praying for the needs of others.  I mention this activity because there are sick, injured and dying everywhere and our praying for them gives them strength.  Do your part and pray for all.