Last Weeks News – Donna Dodson was here on Monday. Diana Davis was here on Thursday.

Debra and Johnnie Reed of Kansas arrived in Hollister at Danny Bushong and Onna’s on Thursday night and stayed all night with them. They all had breakfast in Branson Friday morning. Debra and Johnnie then visited Leo Litwiller in Taneyville and Sheila Braden. They came here and we ate supper in town. They spent the night. On Saturday they attended Johnnie’s nephew, Justin Reed’s wedding. They came back here for the night and went home Sunday.

Those here on Saturday were Johnnie and Debra Reed, Donna Dodson, Reece Goforth, Megan Goforth, Quin Breeding, Macee Breeding, Corrina Dodson, Chase and Bryse.

Diana Davis took me to town Friday.

Donna, Reece, Megan, Quin, Macee and Reece’s friend, Joey, went to Springfield Saturday. On the way back they hit a deer. It messed up her van in the front. Megan, Macee, Quin and Bryse all stayed all night with David and Donna Saturday night.

Quin visited Bryse Sunday after church.

Those visiting Ketih and Melanie Breeding on Sunday were Donna Dodson, Kelly Breeding and Hope.

Donna, Melanie, Megan and Macee went shopping Sunday afternoon and ate supper for Melanie’s birthday.

Max and Kathy Stephens and Ralph and Jane Call visited John and Jo Stephens on Sunday.

This Weeks News – I want to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving.

Happy golden anniversary to Mr. and Mrs. Larry Pendergrass.

Donna Dodson came by on Monday. Keith Breeding visited David and Donna on Monday.

I had calls this week from Sandy Rackley of Tennessee and Debra Reed of Kansas.

Donna and I went to town on Friday.

Keith and Melanie Breeding, Reece, Morgan Clements and Peyton Esterline went to Springfield Saturday for the boys to play soccer. Morgan spent Friday night with Reece. Donna took Quin and Macee with her and she brought them all back so Melanie and Keith could shop.

David took Megan to Zoey Crandall’s on Saturday for Zoey’s birthday trip to Branson. She had a good time.

Macee and Quin spent Saturday night with David and Donna then they and Reece and Megan attended church with them.

Keith Breeding, Megan, Quin and Macee had Thanksgiving Sunday with Kenny Breeding.

Max and Kathy Stephens visited John and Jo Stephens on Sunday. Jo was able to go to church Sunday.

Amy Iott, Challa, Ronnie and friend came by on Saturday.