Community Alliance Program Participants Graduate

On Oct. 15, Troop G completed the 2013 Community Alliance Program with a graduation dinner held in Willow Springs.
The Community Alliance Program provides an opportunity for citizens to experience an inside look at the duties and responsibilities of the Highway Patrol, as well as the techniques and tools-of-the-trade used to accomplish the tasks associated with policing.
Participants attended classes at Troop G Headquarters for six consecutive Tuesday evenings in the months of September and October where they were afforded an opportunity to learn from numerous experienced officers through the use of classroom instruction and practical exercises.
Topics included firearms, vehicle stops, crash investigation, pursuits, search and seizure, drug interdiction, aircraft operations, DWI detection, and Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) Teams, among others.
Upon completion of the program, participants were presented with a plaque commemorating their participation in the program.
Graduating participants for the 2013 program are:
Phillip C. Anderson, Willow Springs, Donald E. Bowen, Gainesville, Tony R. Brower, West Plains, Patricia A. Chapin, West Plains, Roy L. Chapin, West Plains, Timothy W. Church, Alton, Mark B. Collins, West Plains, Wade T. Collins, West Plains, Larry W. Davis, Mountain View, Keith D. Evans, Pomona, Sam E. Gunter, West Plains, Joseph E. Kelly, Birch Tree, Charles T. Krasuski, Mountain View, John Krasuski, Mountain View, Kylie A. Meyer, West Plains, Thomas W. Meyer, West Plains, Joshua D. Riddle, Mountain View, Ronald E. Smith, West Plains, David P. Strosnider, West Plains, and Patrick L. Stuart, West Plains.