Breedon News

Opening Sunday school Joe Lafferty read the 57th Psalm.

Our Sunday school lesson was II Thess. the 3rd chapter.

We did have questions and answers.

Lee Hampton led the opening prayer. Morning worship began with congregational singing. We missed some due to sickness and I’m pretty sure it was too cold for some to get out. I pray for those who are ill and thank my God when He gives us warm weather. But He sees and knows the bigger picture and knows what is best for us as well as the environment. The sermon taken this morning come from St. Matthew chapter 8. The topic is faith. Jesus was healing those stricken with leprosy. He told them to tell no man but go to the priest and offer the gift that Moses commanded to give a testimony. I believe He was saying to them, “I am here. The Messiah has come.” Following the healing of leprosy, a centurion came to Jesus and told Him he had an ill servant. Jesus said, “I will come and heal him.” The centurion acknowledges he is unworthy for Him to come in to His house even though he was a man of great authority. He professes that all Jesus has to do is speak the word and His servant would be healed. Jesus commended the centurion on his faith. No distance would prevent Jesus’ healing power. It still doesn’t today. God help me to have the faith that I need to have to please Him. I would ask Him to heal our country. I pray He touches our hearts and brings us back to where He would have us be. Remember to pray for our leaders that it isn’t just a fight among the political powers, but rather the good of the people. All people! Not just those with financial means to gain what they want, but really we should be looking to help our most vulnerable. The elderly, the young and the disabled. God be with us that we won’t forget our needy at all times and not just the holidays.

Remember our sick and those who have had to let a loved one go. I pray for healing and comfort to you in Jesus name. God bless you this week and I hope all that went deer hunting came back with some good eating.