Breedon News

Bro. Lee Hampton read the 100th Psalm and said the opening prayer.

Joe and Susie had to go to Iowa to Joe’s sister’s funeral. I think the funeral is Monday.

Our lesson was the first chapter of I Thess. and it was so short we also did the second chapter.

Our crowd was down, but a lot of people have sinus colds and allergies.

I thought I’d stay around while Joe and the girls went to sing for Marie’s funeral.

Bob Huskey’s sister passed away so we need to keep that family in prayer.

Michelle Lee’s primary class sang a song about the ten lepers and about Peter, James and Jonhn. Michelle sure does a good job with that class. They are so cute.

Lee Hampton brought the morning message on Luke 17. Jesus healed the lepers and two lepers out of ten thanked him.

I think sometime we forget to thank Jesus for the many blessings he gives us. We need to thank Jesus for all the blessings he gives us every day.

Sue Thomas got to attend and play the piano, since Susie had to go sing at her aunt’s funeral. We sure did appreciate it.

I’m still hoarse from allergies. I may have to get some antibiotics to finally get rid of it.

We sang the invitational song and Heath Kirkland dismissed us in prayer.

We dismissed services for tonight.

Until next week, God bless.