Breedon News

11-3-13. It is a beautiful day in these hills. The sun is shining and God’s beautiful artwork is such a delight to behold. Yesterday, if you got the chance to go to Glade Top you were truly blessed by the many colors that presented themselves. What an artist our Heavenly Father is.

Please remember to pray for those that have had to let loved ones go. Brother Bob Huskey’s sister passed on in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. Brother “Cub” (Joe) Lafferty had a sister that passed on in Davenport, Iowa. I know there are others that need our prayer for comfort. May God’s comfort surround you in this time of sorrow. Brother Ronnie Thomas is still recovering from his surgery. Let’s all pray for a speedy recovery for him, but I sure miss tormenting him at church so I pray he can get back soon. Got ya Ronnie!

Sunday school began with the reading of Psalms 47. Brother Danny Lee opened with prayer. Our lesson came from Ist Thess. the 3rd and 4th chapter. The third chapter Paul is telling the Thesselonians that he was concerned the tempter would tempt them and they would have fallen back on their preaching and teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. But Timothy came to Paul while he was still in prison and encouraged him by his report of their continuance in faith and charity. Timotheus also reported the church at Thessalonica was remembering him and the others that were imprisoned and were desiring to see them again. Paul tells the Thessalonians this brought comfort to them in their afflictions and distress and they desired greatly to see them too. He goes on to tell the Thessalonians to continue on in following the gospel of Jesus Christ and he prays he can see them again and perfect whatever may be lacking in their faith. He tells them he prays they would continue with increase in their love to each other and all men just as Paul and the others imprisoned with him loves them. Paul continues to pray that God may establish their hearts unblameable before our Heavenly Father at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. Paul did not want the persecution that he and those imprisoned with him to hinder the church at Thessalonica to leave their faith and he was very pleased and comforted to hear Timotheus tell him they are keeping on in the faith. This is how we need to believe today. No matter what trials we have come to, we must believe God will bring us through them for his purpose and glory. Everything happens for a purpose and only God knows why and we must trust and obey Him. In the 4th chapter, Paul tells them to continue spreading the word to those who have not received it yet. Carry on because we have hope even though we die physically we will live again. And those that have already passed on we can be encouraged and comforted that they will rise again just as Jesus did. When Jesus Christ comes again the dead in Christ will arise first and those that are alive and remain will be caught up with them to ever be with the Lord. Praise God! Paul ends this chapter with saying with “Wherefore comfort one another with these words.” Thank you, Jesus.

We enter worship with congregational and special singing before Brother “Cub” (Joe) Lafferty takes the sermon from Proverbs the third chapter. Trust in the Lord with all thine heart is the topic of this chapter. We are not to lean on our understanding because we are imperfect. If we trust in our ways and deeds we will be found in the balance wanting. But if we trust in God and let Him direct our paths we will find favor in God’s sight as well as man. If we count on our works, we remain in darkness and God’s favor will not be with us. When we are chastened by God and He corrects us, we should rejoice and not be discouraged from God. When we have His correction it shows He loves us like an earthly father will correct his son or child when they have done wrong. We want our children to be successful and live a proper life therefore we punish them to show them they will fail in their misbehavior. So God our Heavenly Father corrects us out of His great love for us. He knew us before we knew ourselves and yet He loved us and prepared a way to live with Him eternally. He loves us while we were yet sinners. What a great and merciful Heavenly Father and thank you for your grace.

God bless you all this week and remember to walk with God on His path. Our sleep will be sweeter and our days will be brighter. If you know not the Lord, seek Him and His favor today and be one who inherits His glory.

We welcomed back Michael and Laura Willis and their children, Sydney and Isaac. We appreciate Sydney and all the rest of our youth for their songs. Everyone remember our singing is Friday night, November 11th. Please come and enjoy yourselves with food and fellowship. You will be most welcome to bring your instruments and songs with you as well.

Until next time.