Breedon Church

11-10-13. Good day to all you readers. I want to apologize for the misprinted date I listed for our monthly singing. It was Friday, November 8th instead of November 11th. I was thinking about Veteran’s Day on Monday, November 11th and wrote this date instead. I am so sorry, but my brain misfires that way sometimes. For future reference, remember our monthly singing is always the second Friday of the month if inclement weather doesn’t occur. Please feel welcomed at any time and if you don’t have a regular place to worship, I invite you to join us. We are a small country church that believes in the leading of the Holy Spirit so come be with us if you have no other place to attend.

Since Veteran’s Day is November 11th (Monday) remember to thank a veteran or active military person. They really do put their lives on the line for us and sacrifice a great deal that we remain a free nation. Don’t just observe it on Veteran’s Day, but should you cross paths with an active soldier or one that served in the past, give them a big thank you for their service and sacrifice. They certainly deserve it.

Sunday school began with reading Psalms 52. Opening prayer was given by Ronnie Thomas. It is so good to have him back with us. He has been greatly missed. I will do my best to not aggravate him until he has fully recovered. Boy Ronnie that is really making it hard on me, but I will somehow get through it. Seriously, I pray God continues your healing speedily and you will be fit as a fiddle very soon. We continue to pray for others in this community that are ill. May God lay His healing hand upon you.

Our lesson came from I Thess. the 5th chapter. Paul is giving a closing statement of the coming of our Lord Jesus. He encourages the church to be watchful for His return and put away any appearance of evil. We are children of the light rather than darkness. He closes with further instructions on how to live and behave as we wait for our Savior’s return. Pray without ceasing and try to win more souls to Christ that they too will have His peace and be spared God’s wrath. I pray that all who reads this is prayed up, packed up and ready to go. If you are not, I pray God’s conviction will lead you to acceptance of Jesus Christ as your Savior.

After sweet congregational singing our youth class reviewed their lesson of the wise man and foolish man. They sang a song that reaffirmed their learning. David Williams sang. It was a beautiful song and so comforting. My sister June Durden and husband, John, visited today and Dad (Bro. Cub), June and I sang some specials. It is always good to return to times past where we sang as a big family of twelve. How I miss those days, but one day we will all sing a new song together that even the angels can’t sing.

The sermon came from I Peter the second chapter. We as Christians are building a house. Our cornerstone and head of the corner the builders disallowed is what holds our house up. Without Jesus Christ the chief cornerstone, our house will not stand just as our little ones sang about. If we try to build this house without the cornerstone, where is the foundation to cause it to weather the storms? The same applies to our Christian walk. We cannot walk upright without the Lord. Jesus, who knew no sin did nothing wrong, but He took all our sins and shame and bore it on the cross that we might have a way back to God. He who was rejected by His own people came to us Gentiles. We have now been adopted into God’s family if we have accepted Him as our Savior. If He is rejected by your refusing to accept the only salvation there is, you have no defense. No house to shelter you and no hope of eternal life with God and His son, Jesus Christ. There will be no hope of reuniting with loves ones gone on before. Some in this day will attempt to lead you astray that all of this is only a myth. They will say Jesus was a man. Only a man of history. They will deny He was born of a virgin and He had no supreme divine powers. This is a lie Satan is using today and please don’t be deceived. There is coming a day of judgement. God is a loving God, but He is also a wrathful God. His mercy is here today, but you have no promise of it being here tomorrow. Accept Him today and be the wise man who builds his house on the rock. God bless you all and I pray your week is filled with joy and blessings of God.