Bethany Baptist Church

The sun was still shining last Friday evening when the Bethany Baptist Church folks loaded up on the Corder hay wagon for a ride down to a creek branch bottom field where they had things set up for a cookout. The trees were showing a lot of color and the temperature was cool enough to make sitting around the campfire feel good.

Some of the kids whose ages ranged from teens to middle age, played volleyball until it got too dark, or some of them got ready to sit down. Then after they had heard a devotion on commitment, they got out the hot dogs and marshmallows, and each person made up their own version of hot dogs and chili, S’mores, hot chocolate, and all sorts of good things that go with that.

You have two very different types of people. There are some who very carefully roast the hot dog or marshmallow to a golden brown. There are others who stick the hot dog or marshmallow into a flame, let it burn just a bit and then eat it that way. It seemed like every one was happy enough with the results even if there was no complete agreement on proper roasting methods.

The Young WomenNChrist and their leader, Darlene Sorensen, made a trip down on the Glade Top Trail last week, just when the color was the best. They came back with pictures and big smiles. They had taken Bobbye Priddy along with them, a Young Woman born in the 1940’s who celebrated her birthday last week. Kaylee, another one of the Young WomenNChrist, had a birthday, Friday. When it was all over, Darlene Sorensen gave Bobbye and Kaylee each a small photo album for a remembrance of the good time that they had.

In this day and age you can buy a “Lite” version of almost anything, but one thing that should not be made “Lite” is Christianity. The scriptures are verbally inspired by God who makes no mistakes. The inerrant word of God has been delivered to English speaking people in the King James Version Bible.  Preachers should be faithful to preach the word, to make the hearers wise unto salvation, and to reprove, correct, and instruct in righteous living. Soft soaping or watering down their preaching will not warn people away from Hell. Failing to speak against sin, will result in a people who do not know what God hates. If people do not know that God hates their sin they will also not care that God has provided for their salvation in Jesus Christ. Their blood will be on our hands for not telling them the truth.