Bethany Baptist

The church sang “Happy Birthday” to Bro. Bob Helms, Sunday morning. Bob and Peggy are two of our most faithful members. They drive quite a long distance to get to church every Sunday morning, health and weather permitting. Bro. Helms is a retired minister and fills the pulpit occasionally.

Some of the ladies went out to the home of Pat Banks for a club meeting. They enjoyed seeing Joe’s John Deere Tractor collection. He has several old tractors and “parts thereof” sitting along the road that leads to the house. Joe and Pat have built a nice home out in the country. It is the sort of place where you might look out the front window and see a deer in the yard. Some people might say it is out in the “sticks,” but you get the feeling that that was on purpose.

Next Sunday, there will be a Thanksgiving Dinner after the morning service. That means there will be a turkey and all the traditional trimmings. Everybody brings a side dish or dessert that goes along with roast turkey. Then after the dinner, there will be an afternoon service. There will be several special songs, readings, or testimonies on the Thanksgiving theme.

Pastor Bob Sorensen brought a message from Isaiah 12:1-3 on “What will your salvation do for you?”

Your salvation will take you to heaven where there will be no pain, no death, nor sorrows. There will be everlasting peace, joy, and unity. In the mean while, while you await for that wonderful day, you will become a new creature. Salvation will alter your life. There will be a change in habits, in attitude, in your language, and in your desires. If there is no change you need to inspect your salvation. You had better make sure. If you are truly saved, you will want to be with other believers in fellowship to praise the Lord God. God’s commandments will not be grievous to you. As you mature in your faith, you will become more like God’s Son in holiness and show your faith by your works. “Let your light shine before men.”