Basher News

Good morning to all. I haven’t been feeling good lately. Bob and Linda McCleary took me for a short drive into town. The leaves are sure getting pretty. I wanted to show my kids some Indian turnips that I used to dig several years, but I just can’t get out anymore. I spend my days watching my birds and squirrels. I do a lot of thinking. Does anyone know the name of the old time cornbread or a recipe that you use that has grated corn off the cob. My mom used to make it.

Friday night, Carol, Robert and Blake Johnson visited with me and Linda and Bob McCleary.

On Saturday evening Barb and Andy Williams and Billie Gail visited with us.

Sunday, Bob and Linda McCleary and Jack and Barbara Breshears brought dinner over. We had a good visit.

During the week, Roben Miller called and talked to me. Others who called were Bob Miller, Nora Hunsaker, Violet Morris. Linda visited by phone with great grandchildren, Rylee and Tyler Davis from Texas and Amberlynn and Mattie from Oklahoma.

Barbara and Jack Breshears visited with new cousin from Springfield. She was Fountan Miller’s granddaughter. I used to play with them and go fishing and hunting when we were younger. We’re looking forward to another visit with them soon.

Until next time, God bless.