Ava Place

This past week we celebrated the 90th birthday of Betty Rainey.  Her niece Kelly threw her a wonderful birthday party.

We are preparing for the holiday season.  On November 23 we will be having our family and friends Thanksgiving dinner @ 12:30.  Please be sure to send in your RSVP.  We have also started to prepare for Christmas.  Our Adopt a Resident Program is in full swing.  Please call for more information or if you would like to volunteer.  If your group or organizations would like to visit, do an activity or carol please call so we can get you on the Holiday schedule.  We are enjoying this wonderful season already. Give us a call: 683-6999 or my cell phone 554-0771.




You’re my Someone Special this week is Freda Hector.

Freda Faye Adams was born in Lake City, Arkansas on Sept. 27, 1931 to Herbert Adams and Carmen Williams.  Her parents divorced when she was thirteen years old.  Freda has three sisters and four half siblings, two brothers and two sisters. Freda was named by her Aunt Kitty.  She was always very close to Aunt Kitty and Uncle Virgil.  At the age of 18 Freda married James Rhoads on October 22, 1949.  They were married for 41 years when James passed away.  They had 3 boys, Randy who lives in Georgia, Gary from Colorado and Jim who passed away when he was 61. She has two grandchildren. The first was a granddaughter KayLynn and then a grandson Steven.  She also has one great grandson Drake.   Freda was married again in 1997 to Clyde Hector.  She had known him since childhood. Freda said, “He was the most amazing husband in the world!  He showed me how a real husband treats a wife.  He was wonderful.”   She also said that the 10 years they spent before he passed away were the best of her life.

Freda’s favorite color is blue. She loves fried okra and catfish.  Homemade Ice cream is her favorite dessert.  When asked what the biggest accomplishment in her life has been, with tears in her eyes she said “MY Boys!  They are so wonderful and they all think I am too.  My heart is so happy.”

Freda grew up and lived for many years in Arkansas.  She misses it there very much.  Someday she would really like to return there, at least for a visit.

This amazing lady is one of the most special ladies I have ever met.  She is very sweet and kind.  I love visiting with her and learning more about her life.  She has touched the hearts of all the staff here at Ava Place.  We are so thankful that she is part of the Ava Place family.  Her son Randy has visited a few times from Georgia.  He is as sweet to Freda as a son could possibly be.  You can tell he loves his mom so very much.  It has been nice to meet the friends and family that visit her.  Apparently I am not the only one that thinks she is so wonderful!


Babs Smith /

Ava Place Activity Director