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It definitely feels like winter doesn’t it!  It is nice that the afternoons warm up so we can sit outside and enjoy the fabulous fall colors.  We went for a drive to see the colors but they hadn’t quite peeked yet.  The next week they all popped so beautifully. We did have sadness in our hearts this past week.  Troy Montana returned to his Heavenly home.  Troy touched all of our hearts at Ava Place.  He was our acting volunteer Chaplin and conducted worship services on  Sundays as well as prayer services and scripture study with the residents.  He helped so many of us feel the love of Christ.  He will be missed.

Last week the family of Jessie Horner threw her a huge 90th birthday bash!  It was a surprise party.  She knew her sons were visiting but had no idea about the party.  A wonderful time was had by all!

We are asking the community to sign up soon to adopt a resident for Christmas.  If you are new to the community or want more information please call and we will be happy to visit with you about it 683-6999 or 554-0771.




This weeks “Someone Special” is Paul (Bill) Walls.

I choose Bill this week because he is a Veteran.  He served in the US Army from 1965-1967.  He was trained as a mechanic at Fort Sill Oklahoma.  After training he was stationed in Germany with the Red Balloon Alert Company.    We are thankful for his service.

Bill was born January 26, 1943 in Wasola, MO. He said there was two inches of snow on the ground and he remembers it well.  Ira Jackson Walls JR. and Pauline Robertson Walls were his birth parents.   His father passed away when he was very young.  He was then raised by his Aunt Joyce and Uncle Elza Cunningham.  To Bill they were Mom and Dad!  He has two sisters,  Karen Sue Walls Hartgraves, who resides in Ava, Missouri, and Melinda Walls Turner who resides in Blue Springs, Missouri.  Bill was named after both his biological parents.

Bill has had two marriages.  His favorite was Paulette Elaine Cloud Walls. In fact he married her twice to make sure he got it right.  His other wife was Cynthia Currier.  He and Cynthia were blessed with a daughter, Sherri Lin Walls Dean.  She lives in Raymore, Missouri.

Bill is very active in Narcotics Anonymous (NA) and Alcoholics Anonymous (AA).  He had issues with drug abuse in the 1960’s and 70’s.  He has been clean and sober for 22 years.  During this time he has helped many people in our community with their drug and alcohol problems.  He is always happy to take a phone call from anyone that needs help.  His phone number is 683-3268, his cell number is 417-686-0589.  Call to get information about the meeting in our area as well.

Bill road with a motorcycle group called Tribe of Judea for a few years.  He has always loved motorcycles and the Lord.  It was wonderful to put the two together.

Bill’s favorite color is blue.  The food he likes the best are pizza and peach cobbler, but not necessarily together.  The things he has enjoyed doing to pass the time are fishing and hunting, as well as, cooking.  Also working with NA and AA have been a blessing and joy in his life.   He enjoys helping people and sharing his love for the Lord.

If he were to win the lottery he said he would put the money toward cancer research, as well as, have Orange County Choppers build him a fabulous show bike that goes really fast!

Bill has lived at Ava Place for a little over a year and I can personally attest that there is never a dull moment.

We appreciate your service to our Ava Place family!


Babs Smith /

Ava Place Activity Director