Bonnie Phipps is doing just fine, but don’t have any news for me this week.

Last Monday I received .1/4 of an inch last Tuesday .6 of an inch and Wednesday .5 of an inch.

Tara brought Jett last Monday and then Mark came and brought the head of Mark Weston’s deer and it was pretty. I took picture of it on my camera. Kendra came at noon picked Jett up.

Tonight I went to my O.E.S. meeting.

Tara brought Jett last Tuesday and by noon Justin came and picked him up because he didn’t get to work because of rain.

Wednesdasy I went to town and stopped by the courthouse then the radio station and also took eggs over to Donna Nichols before going by and visiting with Marie and by the way, if any one found a one dollar bill flying around over by the eye doctor office or below it is a gift from God.

Tara brought Jett Thursday and about 11:30 Jett and I went out and raked a few leaves up in a pile and Jett took his little bear out with him and he would hide it in the leaves then find it and he kept that up until Kendra came and picked him up at noon.

I went over and saw Marie Dickey for a while and came on home. Violet brought me some sweet potatoes and got some more eggs.

Friday I went to Springfield and went to Vernal and Ellen’s and Ellen and I and her niece, Dee, went to Ozark that evening to Karen Vaughn’s tupperware party. Then I stayed all night with Vernal and Ellen and came home about noon Saturday.

Saturday at two I was at the lodge hall where the Ava chapter #47 had their Installation of Officers. We had a good turn out of visitors, but I guess I am slipping because I didn’t get a count.

Our Worthy Matron is Doris Morrison, Worthy Patron Michael Bock, Assoc. Matron, Charlotte Bock, Assoc. Patron, Richard Baker. After it was over we had refreshments in the basement with cake and punch. After everyone left I helped them fold the table cloths and then I went home to change and go to Mountain Grove to the Past Matron Meeting and I took Elvira some eggs when I went. There was 11 there. When I got back to Ava I stopped by and seen Marie Dickey before I came home. Marie said she had lots of visitors that day because some came over after our Installation: Lois Holman, Shirley Moore and our new Worthy Matron  came and brought her some cake and one of our programs.

Keep praying for all of our sick folks.

My prayers and sympathy goes out to all who have lost a loved one.

Keep your prayers going for our leaders and the men and women in the service and their families and the ones in training.