All Around Bradleyville

Hope you got to view the gorgeous colored leaves on the timber this year. If you blinked you may have missed it. Seems like all the leaves turned colors overnight and were just bright a day or two before they faded out. Seemed to me that they were a week or so later than usual also. Bob has a birthday in the middle of the month and I always notice the leaves are usually at their best right on his birthday. This year there was a lot of green still on the trees. Even on the church hayride on the 27th a lot of the trees hadn’t colored up.

Youth season was the past weekend and I saw many pictures of deer taken. I can’t remember them all but I did see Lexy Matthews killed a nice buck and so did Sonny Guerin. Riley Isaacs got a button buck that will be nice eating and Taylor McHaffie got a spike buck that will also taste good, as did Caleb Blair. I know I’m leaving several out but if I don’t see them on facebook I can’t remember them all. Congratulations to all who got their deer.

So many have passed away the past few days. Such a sad time for families and friends who will miss them, but comfort in knowing where they are and all their sickness, disabilities and heartaches are gone.

Heartfelt sympathy goes to the family and friends of Betty Day who passed away Monday morning. She was a longtime member of New Mansion Church and one of the sweetest ladies I ever knew. She loved and lived for her family and I feel safe in saying that everyone that knew Betty will miss her a lot.

Also our condolences to the family of Alice Wyman who passed away Sunday. Alice was another sweet, sweet lady who loved her family and friends and was loved by all who knew her.

Sympathy goes out also to the family of Glen Schmidt who passed away last weekend. Glen and his wife, Imogene lived a few years in this area close to her parents, Elmer and Ethel Presley, but has lived in Springfield for the past several years. He was always a good friend and Bob remembers lots of fun times he had with Glen.

Also remember the family of Lena Pierce who passed away over the weekend. She has lived in Ava for several years and with her daughter Vicky for the past several years, but many people in the Bradleyville area knew Lena well or had her as a school teacher. My sister and brother both had Lena as their first school teacher at Possum Trot School, up Caney.

Birthdays for the coming week include: November 7: Levi Collins, Tommy Roberts; November 8: Paula O’Neal; November 10: Dustin Harris; November 11: Derek Hartzell; November 12: Barbara Fuller, Doris Manes, Ryan Melton, Chauncey Paul, Vicky Rogers.


Anniversaries for the coming week include: November 8: Joe and Nadine Horner.